James Whatley Broker/Owner


Uber Realty LLC

Let’s be honest with each other here…


Do you feel as though real estate agents are asking for an arm and a leg to sell your house in Niceville, Shalimar, and Fort Walton Beach?


Are you fed up with paying sky-high commissions to agents that never answer the phone, lie to you, and drop the ball when it really counts?


Don’t you think that you deserve to enjoy the process of buying and selling real estate, rather than feeling like pulling your hair out would be less painful?

 Of course, you do!

The problem is, like most things in this world you tend to get what you pay for so if you skimp on commissions, you’re probably also going to get short-changed on customer service right?




When I launched Uber Realty many years ago, I noticed a trend in which real estate agents were demanding more and more from their clients, while the quality of service seemed to be deteriorating. As the costs of homes continued to rise, the real estate game became more about the hunt for the next commission check than it did helping people with the biggest financial moves of their lives.


I’ve never been much of a “joiner” so I decided that Uber Realty would stand for something different. I set out to make sure that every buyer and seller that hired Uber Realty would get MORE service, but pay far LESS than that service than they would with any other real estate agent in town.


I have developed a commission model that allows you to save an average of $6,000 when you hire me. To top it off, I’m going to be with you every step of the way and beyond the closing table to make sure you are proud of this major decision to buy or sell.


When you hire me to buy or sell real estate in Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, or Shalimar, you will get the best available:

  • Photographers

  • Title insurance team

  • Lending team

  • Home inspector

  • Technology

Unlike with those other guys, when you hire Uber Realty, you will walk away from the closing table with your head held hire and feel confident that we earned every penny of our commission just as our hundreds of past clients have.


You deserve the best, but you can still pay less when you hire Uber Realty.