What Does Harvard Law School Have To Do With Selling Your Fort Walton Beach Home?


Okay so when you think of Harvard Law School, you probably don't also think about Fort Walton real estate, do you?


Well, that is one little area where we are different because here at Uber Realty, we think the two go hand in hand.


That is why we will be attending a Harvard Law School Course on negotiating with difficult people. Well, that and we want the right to rock the Harvard sweatshirt and hat. 


Very few attend the program and even fewer Realtors. However, we want to make sure you get the best value when you chose to hire Uber Realty to sell your home.


When you think about negotiations in real estate, you may think we are just referring to the price but that is just the tip of the iceberg!


Here are a few other key areas where you will want a Harvard Law School trained negotiator to help you buy your Fort Walton Beach home.



After you hire an inspector to go through the property and look for any defaults, it is highly likely that you will have a list of items that will need to be repaired. If you want, you can opt to handle those repairs yourself. You may even be able to get the sellers to give you financial credit towards those repairs. However, you could also ask your Uber Realtor to request that the sellers make some or all of those repairs prior to closing. 


Closing dates

In some cases, you and the sellers of your new Fort Walton Beach home may want to close at different times. For example, if your lease is up in two weeks, you will obviously need your Uber Realtor to negotiate a speedy closing. If the sellers don’t want to move so quickly, you will be relieved to have those Harvard negotiation tactics at work for you. 


Closing costs

In every real estate transaction in Fort Walton Beach, the buyers and sellers need to agree on who is going to choose the title agent and who is going to pay for the closing costs associated with the deal. Since closing costs can be thousands of dollars, it is very important that you have an Uber Realtor on your side to secure you the best possible deal. 


Inspection periods

Inspection periods can be a major contingency to some sellers that are in a rush to get through the process. In most cases, the standard two week inspection period won’t be a problem to either party. However, in certain transactions, you may need to rely heavily on your Uber Realtor to get an extension on that inspection period or try to get more off the price if you waive it altogether. 



Not every Fort Walton Beach real estate transaction is as smooth as a fresh jar of Skippy. When hiccups arise for you as a buyer, you may need to ask for an extension. For example, you may need a little extra time to come up with your portion of the closing costs. Sellers are often reluctant to agree to an extension so it is invaluable to have an Uber Realtor on your side to fight for every last inch of time.


More Than A Commission

Are strong negotiation skills a super important quality to look for in your Fort Walton Beach Realtor?




However, it isn't anything. Being able to negotiate the best possible deal for you is just one piece of what we believe makes us stand out from other Realtors in Fort Walton Beach. We also strive to provide a higher quality of customer service than any other real estate company out there. When you hire Uber Realty to help you buy a home in Fort Walton Beach, you get so much more than someone hunting for their next commission check, you get a real partner that always has your best interest at heart.



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