Questions We asked An Uber Customer

  1. What did you want in a Realtor when you started looking?

Honestly, we didn’t really “look” for a realtor. We knew we wanted Jim right away because of his history of selling houses quickly and for the best price. He had sold our friend’s house in our neighborhood quickly, and we knew we’d be on a tight timeline when our time came to sell our house. 


2. Because this was your first time selling a home What would you have liked to have known before you had started?


For us, the entire process was a learning experience that we enjoyed being a part of with Jim. We wanted to sell our home fast, and that’s what we did! We didn’t have any other expectations. 


3. What would you tell other first-time sellers ore someone who has not sold a house in a long time?


We’d say, “you don’t need to pay 6% to have a good realtor”. We think oftentimes people think that by paying 6% means that they are going to have a great realtor, and maybe that’s true in some cases. But, there shouldn’t be any reservations with choosing a realtor who takes a smaller commission. 


4. What was the main reason you chose Uber Realty?


The main reason why we chose Uber Realty is because of our friend’s experience with working with Jim. We knew he would be someone with connections, who understood the market, and someone who genuinely had a passion for real estate. We knew Jim wasn’t going to push us to take the first offer just so he could make his commission quickly. We knew he would be there for us first, as Jim is genuinely excited about what he does. 

5. How did the process differ from what you expected?


We expected our house to sell fairly quickly and without many headaches. The issues that came with selling our home really came about after the inspection. We had expected not to do much work, and in realty we didn’t have a lot to do, but how much you have to do is dependent on the inspector, and we didn’t really know that. 


6. You knew neighbors selling at the same time as you were, did your experience differ from theirs?


Well, they sold their house just as quickly, but with less money back in their pockets 1f60a.png They we’re pressured into lowering the price of their home and their realtor took a 6% Cut. 


7. Did anything standout in the during the process?


After closing, and after we had already moved out of state, issues came up with the house. Jim handled them entirely, and even out of his own pocket. We had never heard of a realtor who would show up to fix something on his own, and offer to pay for the repairs out of his own pocket, to keep the peace between the buyer/seller. Everyone stayed happy!  We could not have asked for a better experience. We knew that everything was going to be taken care of by Jim! 

8. Thank you for Choosing Uber Realty, We always want to improve the experience and service so If could add or change anything what would it be?


We would not change a thing! Jim, seriously, thank you so much! We’ll be adding you to our Christmas Card list!