Oct. 17, 2018

What Kind Of Relationship Do You Have With Your Destin Real Estate Agent?

What Kind Of Relationship Do You Have With Your Destin Real Estate Agent?

 When it comes to real estate, the last thing you want to encounter is the unexpected. Want you don’t know can really come back to bite you! Many people don’t realize that not all real estate agent and client relationships are created equally and each type can have a major impact on your bank account and confidence throughout the transaction. In today’s article, I’m sharing the three types of real estate relationships you can choose from here in Florida so you can select the one that makes the most sense for you.

Transaction Broker

Transaction brokers are the norm in Florida. In this relationship, you surrender your rights to let any other agent sell your property. This means that they will be bringing both the buyer and seller to the table and representing the transaction instead of just one side or the other. This allows you to place total trust in your Destin broker and rely on them to handle all of the accounting.

Single Agent

If you are looking for your agent to only represent you and your side of the deal, you may want to opt for a single agent relationship. In this arrangement, you get the added benefit of complete disclosure and confidentiality between you and your agent. If loyalty is a major priority for you, a single agent relationship is a better option for you.

No Brokerage

Sometimes, a buyer that is not already working with a Destin real estate agent will want to submit an offer on your property. If you aren’t willing to transition from a single agent relationship to a transaction broker relationship, you’re left with the option of no brokerage relationship. At this point, the buyer will either need to go out and hire another Destin real estate agent to represent them in the sale or sign a No Brokerage Relationship Disclosure.


The Best Type Of Real Estate Relationship

Regardless of which of the three relationships you choose to enter into with your Destin real estate agent, there are a few qualities that you should hold paramount. Since this is such a major transaction, you need to make sure that you fully trust your agent to be open, upfront, honest, and altruistic with you at all times. If there are any bumps in the road along the way to either buying or selling, you deserve the peace of mind of knowing that your agent has your back and will do everything in their power to get you the deal you want, the way you want, in the timeframe that you want.

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