Are you a first time home seller in Fort Walton Beach? Before you consummate the deal, we need to have The Talk.



On HGTV, we watch home buyers tour three homes, pick one, then live happily ever after. They never show the frustrating parts of the whole process. Then there's the cost. A person will run across town to save $100 on a product- but the same person will hire a real estate agent and sign a listing agreement for a 6% commission, thinking that's just the way it is. Don't let any agent convince you that's the truth.


Selling your home is a lot like dating. You want to attract the correct buyer before you do a deal with them. You want to make sure you are compatible and will be able to work together so each of you is satisfied with the sale.


If you want to be successful in selling your home, it starts with choosing a real estate company that is designed to save you money starting with the commission. Selling your home is a business, and by putting your home up for sale, you and your Realtor are partners in the business of marketing your home. The commission can be the most expensive part of the transaction. You only get one time to set your savings on the commission. If you are selling a $300,000 home the difference between 6% and 4% is $6000. 


Buyers are not concerned with the cost you incur to sell your home. The value of your home does not go up because your expenses are higher. When you control the business of selling, both you and the buyer will be happy.


Call Jim, Broker/Owner of Uber Realty to sell your home in Fort Walton Beach. Not only do I have the resources mentioned, but I also offer the most competitive commission structure in the real estate market. To get started, click here to find out what your property is worth or call 850.499.2940.



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