When Selling Your Shalimar Home Can Be Tricky Or A Treat


Think you can save yourself thousands of dollars by trying to sell your Shalimar house yourself?


Better think again!


The truth is, selling your Shalimar house without the help of an Uber Realtor, can actually cost you tens of thousands of dollars. 


In today's post, we're going to outline exactly why it's more expensive to try and sell your property yourself and how much you extra you should expect to spend that way.


Money Saved

If you attempt to sell your Shalimar house yourself, you might be saving as much as six percent of the selling price that would normally go to your Realtor and the buyers. However, you will now have to pick up the tab for all of the marketing costs. That means you will need to dig into your own pockets to pay for things like professional cleaning, staging, photography, videography, social media marketing campaigns, open houses, lock boxes, websites, etc.. All of these things can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars very quickly! When you hire an Uber Realtor, they assume the responsibility for those costs for you. 


Time & Effort Saved

Do you want a second full-time job? Because that is what it is going to be like to get your Shalimar house sold. There is a lot of time and effort put into getting your house ready for the market, getting the word out, handling the negotiations and paperwork, scheduling all of the vendors, and coordinating the closing. Unless you have an extra 30+ hours a week you can devote to those activities, you'll need the professional help of an Uber Realtor. 


The Price Is Wrong

Part of what you are investing in when you hire a Shalimar Realtor to help you sell your property is their expertise and market knowledge. They use that education and experience to make sure that you price your property correctly from the beginning to get it sold as quickly as possible, and for the right price. They also use their expertise to help you gain the leverage you need in negotiations to get the best terms in the contract. Unless you know how to do this, you're looking at a much longer process and risking accepting a contract for far less than what you could have.


How To Pay Less For Your Shalimar Realtor

Despite what you may think, you don't have to pay a higher price to get the best Shalimar Realtor to represent you.


Here at Uber Realty, we have a unique way of listing Shalimar homes that allow sellers like you to save thousands of dollars in commissions.


We would love to explain how we can help you save thousands too, so give us a call at (850)499-2940.