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Blog   ≫   What is a ZOPA?
  February 23, 2021


ZOPA:  Zone Of Possible Agreement.

How do you apply ZOPA to selling your house while you are PCSing? 


For example, we list your house for sale for $310,000 and you would be happy if it sold for 299,000.


This is the zone of a possible agreement on the price to sell your home.


The key part that you will need to consider is what is the ZOPA of your transaction cost. The cost to sell your home.


A full price offer of 310,000 but paying closing cost for the buyer that adds up to 10,000. doesn't look as good as an offer of 301,000 and no seller contribution to the buyers closing costs. 


When we are selling your house I will help you navigate your ZOPA. 


My mission is to make sure you understand the negotiation process and get the best deal when selling your home.


When you PCS you need a plan. I understand that your money is important and we need to make sure you’re not giving it away.

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