When selling your Niceville home, if you could cut out a step in the process, what can you gain and what can you lose?

If you cut out a step, you can lose a lot. When buying a home, a lot of people think that a home inspector is a waste of time and money. Say you hire a home inspector who is one of the best in the business and he/she does an exhaustive inspection and finds nothing wrong? Would you feel you've wasted your money? I would be happy that it was confirmed that I was purchasing a home that is not in need of immediate repairs or worse: that there was lurking a hidden expensive and disastrous catastrophe. 
Also, the inspection report will advise you about the things that might need attention later on. How old are and in what condition are the appliances? The roof? The plumbing? The electrical?
Houses need constant maintenance. They do not heal themselves if they are sick or broken-down.
It's important to consider a home warranty to cover the unexpected or even some expected repairs.

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