Who will be the most successful home sellers in Bluewater Bay?

The home sellers that have the right mindset. You might ask, what does that mean? It means they're serious and prepare their home like they're in the business of selling it.
They prepare the house like a good merchant puts their products on the shelf. If you got to a grocery store and look at how the fruits and vegetables are displayed, the better they are displayed the more they cost. If you buy a Fuji apple from Walmart as opposed to Whole Foods, how different do you think the apple will be? For argument's sake, let's just say it's the same exact apple. Whole Foods will charge more and get what they ask because they display it like it's worth what they're charging. They will get a higher return because they stage their product better. 
Prepare your Bluewater Bay home as if you're going to sell it in Whole Foods.

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