What do home sellers want? 

A home buyer.

The home selling market is highly competitive and can be challenging to navigate. Steps should be taken to ensure your home is desirable to potential buyers. This includes making necessary repairs, doing attractive staging, and pricing your home competitively.

You will need help correctly Pricing and Marketing your home as well as Negotiating the Offer and managing the Closing Process once you get a contract for sale.

Sometimes getting the contract is the easy part. Following the contract can pose several challenges to you. 

You need a guide that is with you every step of the way. You want someone who has years of experience with Home Inspectors, WDO Inspectors, Appraisers, and Title Companies. This is what I do.


My home seller's guide gives you a breakdown of what goes into the selling process — and how I will make sure you get the best possible results.


When selling your home, it is important to provide as much information as possible to the buyer. The information you can include is the home’s history, any recent improvements, details about the neighborhood, and other information that will help market your home effectively. Having complete and detailed information allows us to accurately assess the value of your home and to craft a listing that reflects its features. This helps attract buyers, and ultimately increases the sale price. Additionally, having detailed information helps answer questions that buyers may have, improving their trust in the sale process.


The location of a home not only determines the level of desirability among buyers, but also it's potential sale price. Homes located in neighborhoods, close to amenities such as shopping, restaurants, parks, entertainment, and public transportation, tend to have higher values as well as more potential home buyers. 


Your home's condition is significant when selling because it greatly affect the value of the home. Buyers will be more likely to make an offer if the home is in good condition, and if the home has been well-maintained, it can add value to the sale price. Homes in good condition and priced correctly usually  sell quickly, which will save you time, money and stress. When a Home is in poor condition, buyers are hesitant to make an offer. When it finally sells, because it has taken longer it may ultimately sell for less money. 


Presentation is essential when selling a home because it allows buyers to envision themselves in the home and make an emotional connection. A home that is well presented stands out from competing properties. Great presentation makes your home more appealing and desirable. Good presentation can also help to speed up the sale process, as buyers are more likely to put in an offer on a property that looks attractive and is well maintained.


Price is the most critical factor when selling a home because it will determine how quickly the property is sold, how much profit the seller will make, and the overall success of the transaction. Buyers look at the asking price to determine if the home is within their budget and also if the home is worth the asking price. Setting the right price is essential to ensure that the seller will make a reasonable profit, and to ensure that your home will be the most attractive to potential buyers.



    1. You provide information on the condition of the home. 

  1. You prepare the home for pictures and showings to potential buyers. Home buyers start with their eyes. Clean, repair, replace, and declutter.
  2. I hire phenomenal photographers and do futuristic 3D tours of your home. People can virtually walk through your home online.
  3. You and I gather the necessary paperwork to start the process. Listing agreement, sellers disclosure, insurance information, and age of critical systems of the home such as roof, plumbing/water heater, electrical system, and HVAC.

The Listing process

  1. I gather the pictures, 3D tour, house information, disclosures and enter it all into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 
  2. Your home’s listing is then syndicated throughout the internet and it is propagated to hundreds of not thousand of websites. This is how it get’s to Zillow, Realtor.comand all the other real estate companies who show the MLS on their websites. All Real Estate Companies use the same MLS.  Your listing gets the same exposure from a small company as it would a large company. What make the difference is the pictures and information you enter.
  3. We set up the showing system so you are in control of the access of Real Estate Agents to your home. 
  4. The showings start.


  1. When I get the offer I read over the offer and summarize it for you and suggest possible counter offers.
  2. I will give you an estimate of cost to accept the offer as it is written.
  3. I'll let you know what the critical dates are.
  4. I work with the buyer's agent to schedule all inspections, the appraisal and the closing.
  5. I work with you on any repairs if needed.
  6. I keep you informed of the prosesses and events.


  1. I help you with last minute planning and moving preparations.
  2. I schedule the buyer's final walk through and time for you to sign the paperwork.
  3. I am available for any last minute help you need.

For questions, request or if you just want to chat you can call or text me @ 850.499.2940

Über Realty and address changing  experience.